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The object that comes from require('libxmljs-extra').


Document: Document

A copy of the Document class from libxmljs with extra methods and existing ones modified.

libxml_version: string

Gets the compiled version of libxml.

libxml_parser_version: string

Gets the loaded version of libxml.

libxml_debug_enabled: boolean

Tells whether debug mode is enabled.

Comment: libxmljs.Comment

The libxmljs.Comment class.

Element: libxmljs.Element

The libxmljs.Element class.

ProcessingInstruction: libxmljs.ProcessingInstruction

The libxmljs.ProcessingInstruction class.

Text: libxmljs.Text

The libxmljs.Text class.

SaxParser: libxmljs.SaxParser

The libxmljs.SaxParser class.

SaxPushParser: libxmljs.SaxPushParser

The libxmljs.SaxPushParser class.


memoryUsage(): number

Gets the amount of memory allocated by libxml.

nodeCount(): number

Gets the number of nodes that haven't been freed.